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Iya Mystique Faodugun

Full-Spectrum Doula

Pronouns: They/She

Specialities: BIPOC and LGBTQ+ focused approaches, Caribbean and Moroccan traditional postpartum care, trauma-informed approaches, mental health and wellness support, herbal medicine

Iya Mystique Faodugun (they/she) is a radical queer femme who is certified as a postpartum and full-spectrum doula, lactation educator, childbirth educator, breastfeeding specialist, and Reiki I and II practitioner. With a master’s of science in clinical mental health counseling, Iya Mystique currently has over 10 years of experience in mental health wellness. Iya Mystique is also trained as a newborn care specialist, holistic herbal practitioner, and an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor. Iya Mystique specializes in Caribbean-Indigenous practices in postpartum care, “Blactation” (Black lactation), radical herbal medicine for the Black community, particularly for Black LGBTQ+ individuals.

Credentials: Certified Full-Spectrum Doula (BADT), Certified Childbirth Educator (Commonsense Childbirth), Certified Lactation Educator (Commonsense Childbirth), Certified Reiki Practitioner (IARP) and Herbal Medicine Practitioner (CSHM)


Lana Mihaiyu

Postpartum Doula

Pronouns: She/Her

DONA postpartum doula trained (certification in progress), CLC lactation consultant in training (UC San Diego)

Specialities: Lactation support, babywearing education, elimination communication support, postpartum nutritional guidance and nutrition science blended with traditional Japanese practices