Best Cesarean Birth Recovery Products (According to Doulas)

best c-section products

Cesarean births (which we sometimes call belly births here at Major Care) are very common—1 in 3 birthing people and their babies will experience one. Cesarean parents need allllll the support, which we’re more than willing to provide through our app, My Fourth (choose the belly birth track!) and our text-a-doula service. While virtual or in-person support, plus lots and lots of rest, are the most important things to have, having the right C-section products can also really help the road to recovery. After all, you just had major abdominal surgery AND a newborn baby—so go ahead, fill up that online cart with things that make life easier.

Here are the postpartum-doula-approved C-section products that will help you recover and heal.

Motherlove C-Section Cream

Made with amazing herbal ingredients that promote healing, this cream is meant to be used once your incision is fully closed—and well beyond! Applying it can be a soothing and restorative ritual, too

FridaMom C-Section Recovery Kit

From the company that makes some of the best postpartum recovery products, this is THE kit packed with the essentials for post-C-birth. Peri bottle, underwear, support binder, silicone scar patches and more. It’s perfect to buy if you know you’re having a planned C, but can come in really handy if yours is unexpected, too.

Nyssa Fourthwear Postpartum Recovery Underwear

Some parents love disposable underwear after birth, but if you’re more a sustainable type, we highly recommend this pair from Nyssa. They are soft, high-cut, and ingeniously made with a pocket where you can put ice over your cesarean incision (without actually touching or irritating it). Buy one or a few!

Kindred Bravely Clea Bamboo Pajama Set

Soft PJs after birth are KEY. These are made with breathable bamboo and are loose and comfy on your incision. If you birth in the winter, try the long-sleeved version. If you’re not a PJS person, there are nightgowns that are guaranteed to be just as easy to lounge in.

My Brest Friend Pillow

If you’re lactating, this is the best possible pillow. The handy strap keeps baby from your incision and helps with your posture, too. We think it’s also the ideal breastfeeding/chestfeding pillow for people who have had vaginal births, but it’s especially great for belly birth parents. My Brest Friend gives a lot more support to both you and baby than any other feeding pillow on the market. Check out our blog post on breastfeeding after a Cesarean for more tips.

Bodily Belly Band

This handy little hand supports your core and back exactly where you need it. It has both small and large bands to provide the level of compression that’s right for your body. It can be used in pregnancy, too.

Haakaa Manual Breast Pump

If you need or want to express milk, a silicone “pump” like a Haakaa can be super convenient. Using suction, it catches the milk that may leak from feeding on the other side. It’s beneficial because you don’t have to hook yourself up to an electric pump (which can be harder when recovering from surgery) and it’s a great way to get a little milk stored. Still, please note that a Haakaa is not a replacement for an electric or hand breast pump if you are separated from your baby, are trying to build a supply, or have been otherwise advised to pump by an IBCLC. It’s a complementary tool only!

Oat Mama Postpartum Healing Tea

We think it’s wonderful to have some herbal tea on hand for postpartum. Look for a tea that’s focused on postpartum recovery overall, not just for lactation. This one from Oat Mama has great ingredients like red raspberry leaf, but browse around: there are tons of other options on Etsy, too!

Needed Collagen Protein

Collagen is wonderful for helping tissues repair after birth, especially when birth happened surgically. It also helps with skin elasticity, joint health, and even wound healing. This tasteless version is easy to mix into smoothies or even tea or coffee.

Grabber Tool

A “grabber” tool can really ease your day-to-day after a Cesarean birth, especially if you don’t have people around to help you reach items that are in high spots, on the floor, etc. It may feel a little silly, but we bet you’ll be glad you have it lying around!

If there are other products you used and loved during your C-section recovery, we’d love to hear about them! Tag us or send us a DM on Instagram at @majorcaredoulas or shoot us an email at hello@thatismajor.com