10 Food Gift Ideas For New Parents (When You Can’t Make A Pot of Soup)

postpartum food gifts new family food box

We are allll about gifting new families with delicious and nutritious food after birth. Ahem, MealTrain, anyone? But the reality is—not everyone can or wants to contribute to a new parent’s MealTrain or other postpartum meal registry or food train. Whether you live across the country, can’t cook to save your life, or are physically unable to cook or provide a meal (or for any other reason!), you can still support the family with postpartum food gifts. Wonderful snacks and meals are just an online order away!

Here are our picks for postpartum doula-approved food gifts that can be shipped straight to the house of the new mom or new family.

Postpartum Gift Set from Curcuma Kitchen

This gorgeous, Ayurvedic-inspired set ($99) contains multiple items to help in postpartum healing, like mixtures for kitchari and golden milk. It was formulated by an Austin, TX-based postpartum chef and the postpartum doula team at Nest + Bowl. This would be a perfect gift for a health-conscious mama.

Photo: Curcuma Kitchen

Wolferman’s Bakery Basket

Wolferman’s is well-known for delicious English muffins, but they have amazing baskets filled with all sorts of incredible baked goods, jams, jellies, and other goodies. Order one of their gifts ($29.99 and up) and ensure that breakfast is great with a new baby in the house.

Photo: Wolferman’s

Chiyo First 40 Days Broth and Tonic Bundle

Chiyo, formerly Nouri (check out our interview with the founder Jennifer here on our blog!), creates pregnancy and postpartum food rooted in the principles of Eastern nutrition and healing. They ship prepared meals nationwide (yum!) but the first thing we’d try is their 40 day postpartum tonic and broth bundle ($199), with drinks and broths for the full first six weeks after birth.

Photo: Chiyo

MotherBees Soups, Broths, and Munchies

MotherBees is founded by Heng Ou, who wrote three now classic books on nourishment for fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum. Try the foods formulated by Heng herself with a soup, broth, and munchie box (psst, the munchies are delicious snack bars) ($144-$158).

Photo: MotherBees

Zingerman’s Midnight Feeding Care New Baby Gift Box

Everything Zingerman’s makes is truly the best. They’ve curated a box just for postpartum families ($140), packed full of treats like brownies and candy—but also including nutritious soup. Plus, it comes with an adorable bib (two if twins are in the mix!) Note: photo is not of the specific new baby box, but a representative box from Zingerman’s.

Photo: Zingerman’s

The British Hamper Co Luxury Family Care Package

Give the gift of the UK with a delicious box ($109) filled with tasty sweet and savory food from the British Isles. There are multiple options for new families on their site, so have a browse!

photo: The British Hamper Company

Universal Yums Box

Universal Yums is a company that creates snack boxes inspired by countries from around the world. Think candy from Italy, chips from Japan, and much more. One of their boxes ($15 and up) would be a fun treat for a postpartum family to share.

Photo: Universal Yums

Spoonful of Comfort New Parent Care Package

Send comforting soup, yeasty rolls, and delicious cookies, no cooking required. Spoonful of Comfort makes it easy to send, well, comfort in a box to any new mom or dad in your life. They have many options, but the new parent care package ($84.99) looks just perfect.

Photo: Spoonful of Comfort

Majka Lactation + Replenishing Bites Bundle

For the breastfeeding/chestfeeding/bodyfeeding parent, a supply of healthy snacks that may just help their milk supply is a welcome gift. Majka’s are made with milk-boosting ingredients like oats and fennel. Snag a bundle of six packs ($48). They also sell protein powder and other useful snacks and supplements for moms.

Pnoto: Majka

Food Delivery Gift Card

DoorDash, UberEats, GrubHub, Seamless, ToastTab—take your pick and purchase a gift card with an amount of your choosing. Any postpartum parent would be glad to use the funds to order up delivery from a favorite local restaurant.