Announcing Changes to Major Care Services & My Fourth

Dear Community,

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 2 years since we launched our My Fourth app with a focus on continuous remote doula care through text and video! As we celebrate that, we’re also evolving. Our web app, My Fourth, is getting an update to look a little shinier, enhance its functionality (our wellness tracker can now be used for a full 12 months postpartum!), and soon, an expanded curriculum that brings in a diverse mix of doulas and perinatal and mental health experts for 3 months and then an expansion to 6 months postpartum.

We’ve offered My Fourth for free all this time; now, it will be offered for a nominal fee of $2.99/mo to address our rising costs and the evidence-based expertise baked into the daily content guides, resource library, and tracker.

We are also making a pivotal change to our doula care plans. We’ll now offer one unified plan for $99/mo. Why? Because our level of care, continuous connection, and commitment is unmatched. As competitors move into this space, we see prices going lower and lower. Ultimately, we think this devalues the incredible work of doulas — and the education, training, and ongoing commitment it takes to do this work and do it well. Under-cutting costs also diminishes the daily level of care we offer.

Major Care families receive proactive text-based outreach every 48 hours along with unlimited responsive care via text and video (as needed) from trained and certified doulas who are also credentialed in lactation. It’s our mission to make doula care as accessible and affordable as possible.

For private insurance families paying out of pocket, our care is a qualified expense for HSA and FSA. For families on Medicaid, know that as we make these pricing updates for families paying out of pocket, we’re also working tirelessly to have payers cover our services given federal policy changes that
allow for coverage. As soon as private insurance reimburses for doula care, we’ll be on the frontlines of that, too.

Ultimately, in the future, we see a country where all new parents have our number to text — fully covered as part of your maternity care. Until then, as we forge ahead, we are so grateful for you, our community. We pride ourselves on prioritizing your care to benefit the entire family.

Mandy Major

Doula, Founder & CEO