Statement on Reproductive Health from Major Care

A message to our community:

As postpartum caregivers, our focus has always been on ensuring expecting and new families are as supported as possible and have all of the tools, guidance and education they need to thrive.

The Supreme Court decision does not change that. It does, however, require an even deeper, thoughtful, and more active commitment to supporting families — not only at birth but far beyond.

America has the worst maternal health outcomes of any wealthy country. We have no system of integrated postpartum care. We are in the midst of a crushing formula shortage crisis, we lack universal childcare, do not offer federal paid leave, and now, for some working mothers and birth persons, there is no protected time at work to express milk to feed their babies.

While we spend upwards of $2 billion a year on baby goods, make no mistake: When it comes to basic care and compassion for birthing bodies, our situation is dire.

The path to pregnancy and parenthood is diverse, sometimes medically complex, and undeniably personal. That is why we have always believed in, and will continue to champion, equitable autonomy and medical care for all people, all families, everyone.

Regardless, our collective mission is clear: Do better by families. It’s imperative now, more than ever, that we invest in parental health and collaborate on solutions to improve outcomes. We can’t afford not to.