Meet The Doula: Lana Mihaiyu

Postpartum Doula Lana Mihaiyu

We’re excited to share more about the incredible postpartum doulas who support families with Major Care. First up is Lana Mihaiyu!

Major Care team doula Lana Mihaiyu (she/her) is a California-based postpartum doula who is also training to become an IBCLC (lactation consultant). We love the calm, compassionate energy she brings to her work with newly postpartum families. Learn more about Lana, her work and her philosophy of postpartum.

What’s your doula superpower? 

As an IBCLC-in-training, I’m all about enhancing the breast/chest-feeding experience. So, my superpower would be my passion, dedication, and training to educate and encourage new parents to meet their breast/chest-feeding goals. Amid an onslaught of obstacles, if I can support parents to feel empowered and confident in their choices, I’ve done my job. 

Why do you think doulas matter?

Doulas undergo training, but their heart—that’s innate. Those of us in the birthwork space are here because of a calling to improve maternal-infant health and wellness. The comprehensive and compassionate level of care can leave an invaluable and lasting impact on postpartum outcomes and parental bonding. 

What’s your favorite thing about supporting new families?

The transition to parenthood is no joke! I love sharing the postpartum wisdom of traditional cultures and bringing attention to the benefits of nutritional nourishment, spiritual adjustment, and lying in. 

What’s one thing you wish people knew about the fourth trimester?

I consider the fourth trimester to be comparable to scuba diving! It’s absolutely beautiful and breathtaking, but it’s also imperative to be adequately prepared, both mentally and physically. Similarly, support and partnership is vital. The same can be said for the postpartum journey! 

What’s one thing you wish people knew about doulas?

I want pregnant people, expectant couples and their friends and families to recognize doulas as an essential piece of the birthing experience. Doula services need to be on every baby registry, right up there next to the latest smart sleeper bassinet and high-end stroller! If you ask me, the essentials are Meal Trains, doulas, and cozy baby wrap carriers. 

To work with Lana, take our quiz or email clients@thatismajor.com. Follow her on Instagram @elmihaiyu.