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We love giving you great information and supportive messages about the fourth trimester. We deeply understand the need for solid, dedicated support during the massive transition to parenthood—that’s a big reason why Major Care Doulas was founded.

There’s lots of different ways we do this work, including our virtual doula support, this very blog and…social media! Yes, we believe that social media is a valuable way to support, educate, inform, and empower new mothers and fathers.

On our socials (and let’s be real, Instagram is where we mostly hang out these days) we strive for a mix of solidarity, support, and education delivered in an approachable way—just like the way a kind, experienced doula would chat with you.

From lactation and newborn care tips to dealing with mental overwhelm and normalizing postpartum crying, we cover it all.

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We haven’t ventured into TikTok yet, but keep your eyes peeled to see if we pop up over there!