Six Awesome Small Breastfeeding Clothing Brands

breastfeeding clothing brands

As a breastfeeding/chestfeeding parent, providing easy access to milk is probably top of your mind (especially during the newborn days). You’ve got to feed your baby, multiple times a day, and you’ve got to wear clothes that make it possible to do that.

But breastfeeding clothing can be hard to find. Or if you do find it, it might not jive with your sense of style. We’re not knocking the nursing tops at your local Target, of course—hey, comfy matters, too!—but we do understand that you might be looking for something else to wear as you bodyfeed your baby.

If you’re looking outside of the box for nursing and pumping clothes, we’ve got your back. Here are our picks for 6 awesome, stylish breastfeeding clothing brands, with an emphasis on ethical and sustainable clothing for lactation.

Boob Design

Photo: Boob Design

This Swedish maternity and breastfeeding clothing brand makes a range of comfy clothes, from pajamas to dresses to loungwear and even swimwear. They do cold-weather lactation tops particularly well (not surprising for a Nordic company, right?) All Boob Design clothes are GOTS-certified and produced with an emphasis on sustainability, too.

And Out Come The Boobs

Photo: And Out Come The Boobs

This punk-inspired clothing company (whose name is a reference to a Rancid album!) makes upcycled zippered shirts that are easy to breastfeed in. We love their bold aesthetic and commitment to sustainability—plus, you can send in your own stuff for custom orders if you don’t happen to dig anything they have in stock. Amazing! If you feel like all of the breastfeeding clothing you see is bland and boring, you’ll love And Out Come The Boobs.

MLM Brand

Photo: MLM Brand

MLM Brand, designed by mom Magdalena Lasota, features sleek, stylish dresses in black, navy, and white. With prices from $55-69, these are affordable and versatile. We can see an MLM dress as being just as appropriate for feeding your baby on a blanket at the park as for wearing while you pump at work.

Cuarto Creciente

This Australian brand, designed by a doula, is ethical, sustainable and beautiful (we loved the embroidered Ixchel top, pictured!). From their gorgeous underwear to the hand-crafted tops and dresses, Cuarto Creciente breastfeeding clothing has a truly original and artistic sense and feel.

Loyal Hana

Photo: Loyal Hana

Long known for their sophisticated separates for bodyfeeding parents, Loyal Hana‘s clothes are both modern and functional. Loyal Hana makes tops, dresses, and basics that can be worn throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. We really love the hidden functional zippers—no one would know you were wearing a breastfeeding top if you didn’t want them to, which is a nice option if you’re yearning for a wardrobe that doesn’t necessarily scream “PARENT!”

Chapter Goods

Photo: Chapter Goods

Perfect for the parent with a simple and organic aesthetic, Chapter Goods‘ functional tops, dresses, and jumpsuits will stay part of your wardrobe long after you’ve stopped lactating.

Of course, you don’t need to spring for specially-designed breastfeeding clothes if it’s not in your budget or not your thing—tops, dresses, and tunics with buttons, zippers, or stretchy necklines will serve you well throughout your nursing relationship. It’s about feeling comfortable in your clothes, not creating a whole new wardrobe.

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