Announcing our app, My Fourth!

postpartum app

Announcing our first-of-its-kind FREE postpartum app!

You’ve just had a baby. Now what?

This amazing app.

Announcing the launch of My Fourth, the first-of-its-kind free postpartum app to guide you through the first 30 days after birth. 

Answers. Advice. Support. All grounded in evidence-based information, without judgment. This ish is hard, and we’re here to help. 

Because the baby has enough clothes.

You’re up to your ears in onesies, sleepers, socks, t-shirts with cute sayings. Awww. Tiny little clothes are so cute! But let’s be real: when it’s 8:42 pm on the Tuesday after you’ve given birth and milk is leaking from your boobs onto the face of the baby who won’t latch and you’re hungry, exhausted, and struggling to see what the next hour will look like, let alone the next day….having a well-stocked baby wardrobe seems pretty damn pointless. (Drop a “been there!” in the comments if this scenario is familiar to you).⁠⠀

What do YOU need in the fourth trimester?⁠⠀

Support, for one thing. Good information, too. Care and attention? Yes, yes!⁠⠀

THE BABY HAS ENOUGH CLOTHES. Center your own needs!⁠

Enter: My Fourth, our app

That’s why we’ve created our brand-new app that cares for YOU in the fourth trimester. From expert tips to video demos, virtual doulas to trusted perinatal recommendations, everything you need to successfully sail through your first 30 days postpartum is in one place—nary a baby sock in sight.⁠

Here’s what we’ve built into the app:

  • 30-day personalized postpartum guide with daily tips and educational videos
  • Daily tracker to log your mood, birth recovery, and wellness everyday
  • Virtual postpartum doulas-on-demand (for a small fee)
  • Resource Library covering postnatal essentials 
  • Daily inspiration
  • Daily journal
  • Appropriate for both vaginal and belly birth 
  • Appropriate for Breast/chestfeeding and bottle feeding/pumping

The best part? It’s all free. We know you’ve paid for a zillion baby things—this is not another baby expense. 

My Fourth is all about you. Your needs, health, feelings, experience. 

Sound good? We think so.

Get it here!