The Most Relatable Postpartum Online Groups That Will Help You Survive New Parenthood

virtual postpartum group

What’s the most important thing a new parent needs? Cute baby clothes? The coziest swaddling blanket? A sleek new stroller? Nope, nope, and nope (although that stroller might be nice). 

It’s support. More than any sort of gear or gadget, others’ emotional, physical, or practical support will help you to survive and thrive during the fourth trimester. Whether that’s from family, friends, or other new parents, support will go a long way in making you feel seen and heard in your postpartum journey. 

Here’s our round-up of some of the best virtual/online postpartum groups. Our picks feature awesome instructors/group leaders and are available for accessible rates (many of the below are free!). We’ve made sure our picks are inclusive and focus on a variety of topics, so that there’s something for everyone!

9 Awesome Online Postpartum Groups

Fourth Trimester Support Circle

The Nesting Place, a motherhood wellness center based in Long Island, holds six-week-long virtual support groups for parents with babies 0-5 months old. The groups are run by postpartum doulas who can help to guide you on your postpartum journey with a mix of structured curriculum and open discussion. Each meeting lasts ninety minutes, during which you’ll learn some helpful infant care tips and get some advice on adjusting to motherhood. 

Postpartum Support International (PSI) Online Support Meetings

PSI offers many different (free!) weekly, bimonthly, or monthly support groups for people who come from a range of identities. PSI holds groups for those who identify as Black or South-Asian, in addition to other groups that focus on queer parents, military moms, NICU parents, and dads. A general perinatal mood support group is also available and runs more frequently. 

The Root Therapy

Based in New York City, The Root Therapy offers an online perinatal emotional support group for those who are pregnant or postpartum. The group is run by therapists who are specially trained in helping clients to navigate the adjustment to parenthood. 

Just Birth Space

Designed as a virtual perinatal support space, Just Birth Space holds free online classes and support groups for people who are pregnant or postpartum. Their postpartum support group is led by a postpartum doula who can help to answer your questions about parenthood and babies. Besides a space to ask questions, Just Birth Space’s postpartum support group is a place to meet other parents, share your own story, and learn from others. 

Soul Food for Your Baby

Soul Food for Your Baby supports Black parents in learning to breastfeed their babies. The program’s vision is to make sure that “breast milk [is] the first and only ‘soul food’ of African American babies for at least the first six months of life.” Not only do they offer breastfeeding classes for pregnant moms, Soul Food for Your Baby holds a monthly meeting that covers various breastfeeding topics for those who are postpartum.

LGBTQIA2S+ Virtual Peer Support Group 

Facilitated by doula Jenna Brown, this free support group is for LGBTQIA2+ parents, expectant parents, and those trying to conceive. Brown is dedicated to gender-affirming birthwork and strives to make their care person-centered. 

Postpartum Mamas 

Postpartum Mamas is a monthly or bimonthly (depending on the program you choose) support group that incorporates Christian principles into their meetings to assist mothers in their adjustment to parenthood. Groups are a place for mothers to share their struggles openly, and meetings are strictly confidential. Although their program is rooted in Christianity, Postpartum Mamas welcomes individuals of all racial, socioeconomic, and religious backgrounds.

Postpartum Together

With life coach and mother Chelsea Skaggs leading discussions, new parents will find relatable support groups with Postpartum Together’s various online offerings. From general new parent adjustment support to groups geared toward transitions back to the workplace or to becoming a stay-at-home parent, you’ll find something for you. Skaggs also offers sessions focusing on intimacy and body image after having a baby. Program rates are $100 each. 

Motherhood Understood 

This support group wants to make sure that you know you’re not alone. With a focus on supporting new parents who are suffering from a PMAD, Motherhood Understood’s online community focuses on identifying symptoms, types of treatments, and where to find help. In this support group, it’s mamas first as moderators educate new parents on PMADs and connect them with others going through the same thing. 

No matter what support group you join, you’ll be sure to find other parents who are going through the same thing as you. Connecting with them and sharing your own story is an encouraging, affirming, and overall great place to start adjusting to parenthood. 

Joining a support group while also tracking your postpartum progress can really help you to feel confident and in control during the fourth trimester. When you download our app My Fourth to track your postpartum journey, you’ll find helpful resources and daily tips that can inform and improve your postpartum experience. The app will go live this January and is great for anyone who’s just had a baby or is about to!